Barbara Wilińska (english)

Barbara Wilinska

Barbara Wilińska

Born in Poznań, professional guitarist and a psychologist, a witch by nature.

More than 20 years she used to teach guitar, simultaneously seeking for medieval and traditional music, learning from school-trained and village masters both songs and techniques of chant.
Since 2001 she runs workshops of traditional songs and singing with natural voice.
Founder and leader of three groups performing slavic traditional music:
Od Poznania, Charivari and Czarolija. Awarded as a soloist on festivals of traditional music in Poland. A singer and multiinstrumentalist (traditional string and bow instruments, hurdy-gurdy); she collects and performs a wide range of traditional and early music – both sacred and profan, as well as dance tunes. She cooperates with several Polish folk musicians (Jacek Mielcarek, Jacek Hałas, Katarzyna Enemuo, Iwona Sojka).

Founding member of the Dance House. Poznań Association – a non-profit organization focused od traditional dances.

A calligrapher with a still growing group of students and an individual exhibition of her works.

Storyteller and a song-writer.