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I’m a musician, storyteller, trainer, anthropologist of culture and cross-cultural wanderer with almost two decades of experience. I specialize in cultural diversity and I work to express my enchantment, appreciation and respect towards it. My interest lies in the folk and ethnic music from various parts of Europe, mediaeval music, archaic musical traditions of singing and dancing, and in storytelling. I perform early and ethnic music, I teach traditional dances and archaic chant (from Poland and other European countries), organize dance feasts and also tell stories – traditional fairy tales, real and invented stories, for children and for adults.
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PARPARUSZA is my personal artistic „enterprise”. I call it „agency and no agency”. An agency – because I create and offer to people different kinds of artistic and educational events – some of my own and some of my friends. A no-agency – because I don’t charge for those of my friends. I just want to connect people and spread around worthy things.
Together with my companions we travel all around the country and Europe – both performing and looking for wonders, and we form different bands:

fot. Żaneta Reliszko
KAPELA JAZGODKI – polish folk, world music, etno-fusion

BOCADORADA – flamenco&mazurka, fusion of North&South

FRACTION OF PRINCESS ATEH – Eastern Europe searching for Eternity



  • Polish folk music – traditional songs (ritual songs, ballads, work songs, lullabies, songs for particular feasts or seasons, e.g. Christmas, Easter, harvesting etc.), instrumental melodies and dances…
  • Cross-european folk music (Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish, Balkanian, Gypsy, Mediterranean) traditional music, songs, ballads, instrumental melodies
  • Mediaeval music – sacred and folk mediaeval songs and tunes of Poland, England, Spain, Italy as well as women’s chants and a wide repertoire of Sephardic music.
  • Flamenco in its most traditional, ancient and true form
  • Compositions of our own music inspired with the ethnic music – a creative mixture of North and South, in which rythms and melodies are in dialogue as people do…


STORYTELLING EVENTS – in Polish, Spanish and English (or translated) all with a lot of live music:

  • Traditional folk tales from all over the world
  • Stories – including real ones – that bring a flavour of particular culture or a part of the world
  • Particular programs

Stories from a Gypsy Hut – stories by and about Gypsies
Sun and Salt – lyrical and somnabulical journey to the unknown Andalusia
A Cup for Pouring Dreams – based on „Dictionary of Khazars” by Milorad Pavić
An Inn on Ice – stories from the bottom of the Baltic sea
A Herb that Opens All Gates – about herbs, plant, ancient goddesses, and about what we really, really need.

WORKSHOPS on voice opening and archaic ways of singing, ethnic songs of Poland, Ukraine, Serbia and Bulgaria, flamenco chant, medieval songs or gregorian chant; workshops on traditional Polish, Hungarian, Moldavian and Balkanian dances and songs for the dancing and the dancing to songs (in different traditions).

mailto: parparusza@wp.pl
phone: +48513524139

For anything you find here or you would like to ask – please, do not hesitate to contat us
(preferably in English, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian or Russian)