Jesus Sallabera (english)

Jesus Sallabera Molina

Jesùs Sallabera Molina (Sevilla)


A singer, who’s family comes from the heart of the flamenco world – the Triana quarter in Sevilla. His father, Jose Sallabera was a flamenco dancer, singer and a guitarrist. His mother, Florentina Molina Romero is a famous in Sevilla flamenco singer, best known of her interpretations of saetas. His aunt, Maria Jesus Molina Romero was a singer in Los Marcheneros group, with wchich she performed for several years. Jesus got his musical education – as most of traditional flamenco artists – participating from his childhood in family feasts and local social life. He runs workshops of cante flamenco in Berlin, Gdynia, Warszawa, Poznań – both for flamenco singers, dancers and musicians, and for singers, that didn’t know flamenco before. He cooperates steadily – as a singer and chant master – with the flamenco school „El Patio” in Gdynia. He is as well an excellent teacher of vocal techniques, basing on ancient andalucian tradition.

As a singer and instrumentalist he cooperates with musicians in Spain and in Poland, performing flamenco, ethnic, medieval and improvised music.
A co-founder, singer, percussionist, guitarist and a song-writer of Bocadorada.